Sunday, January 27, 2008

So Last Friday the 18th Mike and I took the girls to Disneyland after school/work.
If you have see Monsters Inc- you can really appreciate this picture of.......
Not bad, huh. Hannah took it. I am still not with the program on this blog thing maybe next time the words will match the pictures!
So since Mike had his picture taken I had to too! We saw the Electrical Parade in California Adventure and rode Soarin' Over California, which is probably my favorite ride in that park. By far, my favorite in Disneyland is Buzz Lightyear! I have only made it to Level 4, which is a "scout" but Jacob has hit Level 5 and is trying for 6 next time, I'm sure.

Hannah and Sydney outside the Art Studio area(Cal Adventure). They are showing a huge assortment of Snow White Art that they just had donated or purchased from a collector and its really neat.

So, you are wondering...where is Jacob? Well he IS 14 and decided to stay home, go to a
movie with a friend(Jasen) and relax because he had a soccer tournament the next day in Santa Ana. Jacob plays goalie for the freshman team, as you can see in this picture. He is the one on the ground!
This is the first year that his high school has had a freshman team, although I would have called it a club because they had only 4 or 5 games and a couple of tournaments. Next year the high school is switching leagues because Arlington HS is a smaller HS(2000 students) compared with some of the other HS's in Riverside. All of the other HS's in the new league are supposed to have freshman teams.
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