Monday, November 24, 2008

Jacob's ASB Two Day Hiatus

Jacob is the Sophomore class treasurer/secretary this year and they have a yearly trip called CADA(don't know what that exactly stands for). They hit Disneyland for a day then stay at the Disneyland Hotel for the night and then have classes that they go to for leadership training, etc. Jacob sent me a text/picture message this morning- Guess who he found at the new Disney Grand Hotel??? Sweet Niblets! Jacob said that he saw him , then said "Hey can I take a picture with you real quick?" He said "Sure" and it was done. Nice of him, I thought.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

THIS WAS TOO FUN TO DO! I think I might have even been to a couple more of the lower eastern states but I'd have to look at a road map to be sure.
Try your own!

visited 37 states (74%)

Sorry all- Here is the link to do your own or at least the address.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just because I haven't in over a month...

So, you might wonder what we are up to OR if Halloween happened here at our house. You might think we vanished off the face of the earth...but NO! We are still here.

Since our/my last entry I have stood on street corners(with "YES on 8" signs), walked in the dark with strange and funny and cute looking children(Trick or treating), sang at church(primary program-had ya didn't I?) and kicked my husband out of the house(to his new job).

I have alot of things to be thankful for and alot of people I am thankful to know and have as friends and family.

I will try to be a better blogger because I love to share and because I really don't like going to a blog to check it each day and NOTHING is new! Sorry no pictures this time but maybe I'll add them later.
Love you all-Kristin