Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday Musings #2

I guess I forgot that I should have explained last week that I have joined some fellow girlfriends(some I don't even know yet-but I am sure I will within the next few weeks) in a fun blogging activity. Last weeks was the job thingy and this weeks was really difficult for me. I don't think I am in creative mode & I don't know if I have one in this area but let's have a go at it!

Idea-Compose a crank letter (harmless, no threats of bodily harm) to a large company/public entity. Scan or copy-paste the letter into your blog.Mail off the letter. Post a response when and if you receive one!

Van de Kamp's Consumer Affairs
PO BOX 91000
Allentown, PA 18109

Dear Mr. "de Kamp",

I love Hot Dogs. I love them like Momma made; boiled for a few minutes and ripped from the pot wet and placed in the bun which then becomes soggy(ugh). I love the crustiness of the outside and soft juicy center when barbecued just right. I even love them in the microwave, inside a bun(makes the bun nice and chewy).

My all time favorite way to have a hot dog is split lengthwise and grilled in a frying pan with a small or large amount of butter. In order to fully complete a fried hot dog I need a really good hot dog bun. This is where Van de Kamp's comes in to the picture.

I purchase my hot dogs (or franks as they are sometimes called) in a package at almost any store. Each package contains 10 hot dogs no matter what I buy ie: Oscar Mayer, Ball Park, Farmer John, Jennie-O, Bar-S, etc.

My problem is that since approximately 30 years ago, I discontiued eating hot dogs straight out of the package-cold. I have grown up. NOW, I cannot seem to find the right amount of buns for my package of hot dogs.

I find 8 buns in a package or 16 buns in a package. This leaves me two buns short either way which leads to me purchasing 4 packages of hot dogs(40 dogs) and 5, 8-count packages of buns(40) at a time to get everythng nice and even and ,that my friend, is a little too many dogs in my fridge.

This problem is lop-sided and has been for years. Could you please help me and the rest of the hot dog eating world to put an end to this skewed purchasing and hence, storage problem?

Is it too much to ask for a 10-count package of buns? Or a 20 count package of buns? Is this a cost/return problem for your company or is this a conspiracy against the hot dog consumers of America? Are you sitting there in your high-backed ,black ,leather, office chairs on wheels, rolling around ,laughing your heads off because you sold us 2 less buns than we needed ?

My children ages 10 and 8 are quickly headed toward the eating of a hot dog on a bun, not naked out of the package! I will not stand for this injustice any longer. It will not continue on to the next generation. Please correct this concern immediately.

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this negative matter(the negative being on your part and involving the 2 missing buns),

Waiting Patiently,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How many different jobs have I had and which one was my favorite?

I read what the topic was supposed to be and thought about it all night. I kept remembering jobs I had that I had forgotten about. I guess I'll start at the beginning...I lived in Massachusetts growing up...
  • BABYSITTER-(frequently unpaid, at home, work)hee hee However, when I was 12, the $$$ came rolling in. I would have up to 3 jobs in one day. This paid for many things such as my girls camp, youth conference, new shoes, & boombox(yikes) Oh and CANDY which was my favorite to buy.
  • NEWSPAPER GIRL- I had and afternoon route that I would deliver after school, first on the 3 speed I got for Christmas but by the time I turned 13 I had purchased my own Royal blue and Light blue Huffy, 10 speed which I rode to school for the remainder of 8th and full 9th grade. Cha Ching!
  • SCHOOL LUNCH CASHIER- In 11th grade while still continuing to Babysit I worked at the school cafeteria during lunch which allowed me, I think $3 a hour(1 1/2 hours a day) 5 days a week for some extra cash- the paper route was out the door!
  • BUSGIRL/SALADGIRL- Theo's restaurant. This was fun but stinky too! My sister and I got jobs here together and we would work weekends(Fri & Sat) bussing tables(for which we split the waitresses graciously given basket of tips plus got minimum wage- who knows what? This was a Greek restaurant with Pizza/pasta also & Lobster. We ate so much heavy bread with garlic butter on it each night and downed it with Sprite from the soda fountain! If we were lucky, the cook would make us our own pizza to share while we cleaned up on Saturday nights. I never ate the the Lobster and I was scared of them because they kept them in the walk in fridge alive and if I was the salad maker that night I had to go in there often! Oh and the stinky was from the oil, garlic, peppercini's and feta cheese if you were the salad girl that night.
  • BYU CONCESSION STAND WORKER- I made it to Utah from Massachusetts. For Fall semester 1987 I worked in the food concessions at the Football stadium on the west side of the field. It was LOUD, I never got to see a game but it worked for what it was...a little cash for the extras away from home.
  • CANDY/NUT/SLUSH PUPPIE SELLER-Only those from the east coast will know that a Slush Puppy is NOT a ICEE. I came home from BYU because my grandparents were hit in a car accident and my parents needed to figure out everything with them(they were in Riverside, CA and we were in MA). I got a job at one of the fixtures in the mall selling CANDY and dried stuff and popcorn and Slush Puppies. This also became my diet for those next 8 weeks. Minimum wage at the time and all the popcorn, etc I could eat!
  • NANNY- no not NINNY! I needed a job to make money to go back to school and my grandparents had both passed away and my parents were in the process of moving back here to Riverside(I didn't really know that yetbut...) So someone in my ward knew someone in the Poughkeepsie Ward in New York that knew a Doctor(Spinal Surgeon) in NYC that needed a Nanny and so...I went to visit for a weekend and Feb 1 1988 I began work for Doctor Patrick F. O'Leary at his home at 1220 Park Ave #15B. He had 3 daughters ages 5, 3 and almost 1. I worked until January of 1989 when I headed WEST to Riverside, CA where my family had moved in my absence almost 9 months earlier. Oh! I was paid $150 cash a week for watching 3 girls from about 6pm til they went to bed and then walked the oldest to preschool in the am and I was free to do whatever after that. I usually went to work in the Doctor's office during the day where they would pay me $5/hour and buy lunch and would cut out at about 1pm to explore the city. Yes, I did visit the top of the WTC's. He was LDS and every other weekend we would got to his farm in upstate NY(Poughkeepsie) and I was able to meet the man who knew the guy in my ward that I heard about the job from in the first place!
  • RECEPTIONIST- It was my job in NYC at the Doctor's office that got me the job here in Riverside at Doctor Richard Bozner's Vision Lab downtown on Market St. I worked there from March of 1989 until January on 1991 when I decided it was time to head back to BYU. I think this was $6/hr.
  • RECEPTIONIST- April 1991(that didn't last long) I returned to Riverside to seek my previous job but it wasn't available any longer. They did however get me a job with an Opthalmalogist around the corner as a receptionist but I hated it because it was so small an office, not very busy and alot of older slow people. PLUS I would get paid and the secretary would tell me to run to the bank and Cash it quick because there might not be enough$$ to pay me if I waited!
  • RECEPTIONIST/OPTICAL DISPENSER- I went back to the Vision Lab and started to work there again as the receptionist but the Doctor wanted me to learn Optical Dispensing. I worked there until March 3rd, 1998 the exact day Hannah was born! Let's see so I guess that's the longest job I had, almost 10 years in total and I learned so much. I fit frames, bought frames, taught people how to wear contact lenses(hard and soft), ordered peoples glasses and contacts, etc. If I needed a job right away I would think about it again. I was making $11/hr when I quit. That was 10 years ago!
  • TOYS R US CASHIER- Mike and I thought I could earn a little extra money one year if I got a job at Toys R us for Christmas time. I think it was 2001. That job was crazy. I was always busy so it was great but I worked like a dog! A handful of mornings+ I got out after 2am and a few were 4am. I would start work at 5pm! It was also at this time...
  • DAYCARE INHOME- I began watching a little girl m-f from 9-4 for 100$ a week it was the same time I worked at Toys R Us for awhile. That didn't last long.
  • EBAY SELLER- Dropped the daycare and Toys R Us and sold on ebay lots of stuff- still do this is a continuing extra fun I have but not alot recently!
  • DAYCARE HELPER-Well back to the kids! I have all my own children in school full time and a friend says"Why don't you come work for me?" I said "Well, I don't know, not sure I can be a disciplinarian so well and I might just play with them too much" She says well, "talk to Mike and see what he thinks". Mike says "give it a go!" So I have been working at my friend Kelly's house Mondays- Fridays ,8:30am til 12:30pm, while my kids are at school and it been 1 1/2 years now. I have become much better at discipline but I still play with the kids all the time. I really like my part time job.

GOSH, is that enough already???? I can't wait to read all the others' entries!