Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Holy Cow! I just got a FREE dinner in a box,(well in a way I guess).

I still need 1 lb of chicken breast and 2 Tbs butter or margarine and 3/4 cup milk but...

I joined something online called "pssst". Its through General Mills and you answer questions, etc and sometimes they supposedly send you items to promote or try and then promote. I'll keep you posted on if we like it or not!
Also included were TEN(10) coupons for $1.25 off one dinner kit.
YES! You know how I love my coupons.
Meanwhile- I thought "maybe some of my friends would like free food also".

Here is the link to sign up- http://pssst.generalmills.com/

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tuesday Musings #18 (very late)

What are a few things that you could not live without?

Tuesday Musings #17 (very, very late)

Are you addicted to anything? And if so what??
I don't think I should answer this question because there are too many answers.
1. Scrabble(online)
2. Candy Corn
3. Reading(some books I just can't put down)
4. Children(I love to play)
5. Coupons
6. Shopping(with #5 above)
Thanks Jenn for asking! Now...is there rehab for any of these?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fleece...Apparently it's for the DOG!

Last night, Hannah heard Hershey making some different noises but couldn't find him and so I became interested and started looking too. He hasn't been resting on the couches too much lately, usually on the floor wherever we are sitting or cooking, etc.

Well, Hannah found him. Dressed!

This is a L.L. Bean Fleece half zip pullover and Hershey loves FLEECE. It is zipped up and when he moved it around to get it just where he wanted it, his head came throught the neck hole but his shoulders and everything else wouldn't fit. So, while we were looking for him, he rolled/flopped off the couch inside it to respond to our calling his name. The kids thought it was so funny that we had to get the camera and then take a video- Our first on our blog! It's kind of dark but the kids got a couple slices of pepperoni to entice Hershey to try to walk BECAUSE, I forgot to mention this...when we found him he wouldn't come to us he was just sitting in the middle of the living room waiting for someone to help him(which we did after we got this video).
P.S. No dog was hurt in the making of this film!

We have quite a few fleece blankets in our home and just the other night he jumped up on Sydney's bed, while she was sleeping(and everyone else) and rustled around to knock off Sydney comforter that is folded at the bottom of her bed. He then rooted around to open a smaller fleece baby blanket that was under the comforter so he could get it just right and curl up in it to spend the rest of a comfortable evening. The large comforter was on the floor right next to the bed, upside down!
We love our PUP!

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of School (Almost a month late)

This is Hannah with her 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Barnett!

Sydney has two teachers(for the price of one)in 3rd grade!
This is Ms. Brisco.

This is Sydney with Mrs. Posse(pronounced Paa-say').
Mrs. Posse teaches language arts in the am & Ms. Brisco teaches math in the pm.
They split a contract to work this way.
this could be a shock!
On the last day of the first week of school, I let the girls wear their new t-shirts that Jacob got them from his high school.
What you should know is...all the kids from Hannah and Sydney's elementary are going to go to Poly High School which is a big rival for every other HS in Riverside, Arlington included!
What guts they have!!!
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