Thursday, September 3, 2009

Better Late than Never...

School HAS started!

Jacob, Hannah and Sydney started school on August 24th.

Jacob is a junior in High School this year taking classes such as...US History, AP Statistics, Spanish 3, AP Biology, Literature(can't remember which type) & Anatomy/Physiology. He starts school at 700am with a Zero period and gets out at 1:40 because he doesn't have a 6th period. He begins his day at 5:15am with Early Morning Seminary Class( a religion class comparable to catechism in the Catholic religion, I guess) It begins at 6:00am and ends at 6:45 with just enough time to slip into Zero period at the High School.

Hannah is a high and mighty 6th grader at the Elementary school! Last year here for her. She likes school(but don't tell anyone) and will turn 12 in March, just around the corner! She is continuing piano lessons and is undecided on dance club afterschool. We'll let you know!

Sydney is now in the 4th grade. She has an actual classroom this year, not a portable classroom. She is beginning soccer soon for the first time since 1st grade. She's dying to play again. She has also been lobbying for cello lessons at school. We are looking thoroughly into that!

We are excited and all crazy as everyone's schedules collide and reshape to begin the school year! We added a new member to our house, this is her 2nd week here- Thank you Gwen & Grant! Bailey is our new pug puppy, 4-4 1/2 months old. She is loved by all, some a little less than others(Hershey)! All will be well! Til next time...