Monday, August 25, 2008

Tuesday Musings #16

There are many different events at the Olympics.
You must create a new event that you would be the best at so that you could take home the GOLD.
What is your event?

90 minutes of grocery shopping with the most savings from coupons.

The actual total spent does not matter. It is the amount saved from coupons in relation to the amount spent. For example; Total is 166.98 but amount spent is 70.31 which is a savings of 96.67! The person with the highest percent saved in the time alotted wins. BYOC(Bring your own coupons) I think there should be a standardized list of the items that have to be purchased to keep it even but it would all depend on whether you brought the right coupons with you.

That would mean that some people would have these big coupon boxes or cases or file cabinets which could slow you down or if they were organized well, maybe just put you over to win a GOLD instead of a silver or bronzeI could really excel at this.
I wanted to find some reciepts to show for this and scan them in but I realized the last few I threw away and then the very last one I sent in for a $10 rebate(ps. I only spent $42 and saved $127)

If not Couponing then...
Who has the most cereal in their cupboards?
Possibly a second gold medal here for me?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Visits!

This week & the past we had Trena(on & off because she still had two jobs in between) and Andrew and Jordan and Jazlynn.
They called Monday afternoon when they arrived and Hannah and Sydney were screaming to go to Grandma's house to see them!

So off we went to see if Jordan would warm up to us...he did eventually.

So then they next afternoon we went to Kembly's pool for a cool afternoon.

I don't know why but I don't have a picture at the pool of Trena or Andrew(or me either-ha ha).

After that we got to watch Jordan the next afternoon while Andrew, Trena and Jazlynn went to Disneyland. It was Jazlynn's first time!

Jordan was a little nervous when he came over because Uncle Michael (alias my 2nd Daddy) had been with Jordan all morning and wondered what was going on but with Hershey's help and the girls undying attention, he was fine! See:

After that it was all the way until this past Monday the 11th that we gathered for FHE at Balboa Beach on the north side of the pier towards Newport. For the family reading this, that would be the regualr spot! My pictures are not great but they are all I have because I forgot until it was getting dark.

The pictures above are of some of the group playing pickle on the beach. Paul and Brandy are standing next to the kids chairs. The Burbach's(Mom & Dad) and Tim and his wife, Nicole joined us for FHE and the bonfire with SMORE'S. It was so cute to see Haylee and Jordan sitting in the little chairs watching the pickle game. If there is someone you don't recognize, that is Andrea, Hannah's friend that lives across the street. Check out Trena-She is the one "playing" pickle. She's wearing the peach colored shirt and stayed right on the base(towel) most of the game! It was a blast.
We got to see Jordan today while Andrew took Jazlynn school shopping. Grandma and Grandpa brought him over for a visit a little while ago and we took more pictures but I haven't loaded those yet. Thanks for visiting. We miss all our family who are far away!

Tuesday Musings #15

Well, the topic this past week(8/5/09) was GHOSTS!

I guess I don't think much about ghosts. All that came to mind was...(name that ghost >)

So, then I kept thinking and I remembered my favorite ghosts- This is a cartoon with Mickey, Donald & Goofy and they are ghost exterminators!

I don't recall ever seeing a ghost but I'll keep you in the loop when I do!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Jacob's 8 days of CHAOS

Jacob had his own 8 Crazy Days! On August 1st, he arrived at the home of our Scout Leader, Mike Biggs for a priest/teacher hike, one of 3 planned for 3 weekends this month. It was Friday and they left to hike Mt San Jacinto(via the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway). They left at 10:00am, camped overnight, hiked, returned at about 7:30 pm on Saturday night. Here is a link to those pictures-take a look at the very last one!

Sunday, August 3rd-went to to church!

August 4th, Monday at 10:00am arrived at the Metrolink station for his Arlington High School ASB retreat. Bascially to meet/mesh with all the student body leaders and train for helping with registration and to have fun together, & learn about the upcoming years responsibilities. This year, so far there are 5 members of the church on ASB plus the teacher/advisor is Mormon too. They may get 2 more when the freshman have their elections! Along the way, go to the beach(they stayed in San Clemente) and take a Dolphin excursion, eat and play and stay up all night messing around. Don't worry they were accompanied by 5 or 6 adult leaders. On the dolphin excursion they were lucky enough to see many common dolphins but also to see not ONE, but 2 HUMPBACK WHALES and...A BLUE WHALE. One of the humpback whales surfaced for 15-20 minutes! Crazy fun. So then they arrived back to Riverside on the Metrolink at 12:21pm on Thursday, August 7th.

Same day, 2 1/2 hours later; Thursday at 3:00pm arrive at Mike Biggs house again for the three day, two night hike up to San Gorgonio Peak. San Gorgonio is the highest mountain peak in Southern California at 11,499 feet! They took the Vivian Creek trail which is the shortest and steepest route to the summit. Well they camped Thursday night about 2.5 miles up and hiked Friday to the summit and back to the camp which was an 11 mile roundtrip. After resting and eating and setting up camp, it was still daylight and a BEAR came into camp. They scared it away once, then twice and continued to scare it away until Brother Biggs said "This is enough, we can't stay." By then it had gotten dark and they hiked the 2.5 miles down with the help of Jacob's headlamp and other flashlights and headed home, Friday night, August 8th, instead of Saturday after lunch! Here is a link to the pictures of the hike and the video of the bear!

Thanks for checking in on us!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tuesday Musings #14

Ok I have been slacking on this because I have found it hard. Not impossible but challenging, which means-I'll get to it! This space dedicated to the topic of...

Rewrite the following classic nursery rhyme as it applies to your life -

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

For example -

For want of a wipe the diaper was lost.
For want of a diaper the errand was lost.
For want of an errand the groceries were lost.

Etc., etc., etc.Your poem can be longer than the original, but try not to make it any shorter.