Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My BABY, Sydney!

Today my youngest, Sydney Michelle turned 10 years old.
Sydney is such a sweet, energetic, imaginative little girl.
She has always shown people how much she loves them. In Kindergarten, she began givng a hug to her teacher and soon each child in the classroom was doing the same(I don't think that had ever happened in the 20+years she had been teaching).

She loves to try/play so many sports; she has a natural ability for them. She got a scooter when she was 3 & tore it up! When she turned 5 she got a Schwinn Stingray Bicycle & the traingin wheels were unnecessary. She played on a city basketball team in 2nd grade & loved it! She went with Hannah to the ice skating rink for an activity that Hannah was a part of and after 10 minutes Sydney(age 6 1/2) could ice skate alone!! She played soccer when she was in Kindergarten & has been asking to play again since then so she did this past fall. She was a great goalie-not scared one bit! She went to a volletball camp 2 nights a week for a few weeks and I forgot to tell the coach that she had NEVER played before-no need to explain she did just fine!

In school, her favorite "subject" is writing her own plays or stories. She has written stories since second grade & recently prepared her own argument regarding why she needs a cell phone to present at one of our family meetings. She has written at least 4 sequential parts to a puppet play for the puppet theater in her classroom this year!

Love you Syd :)


Nance said...

What a sweetheart! I feel like i know her, even though I've never met her! THe 3rd picture is my favorite. You guys have a sweet & energetic "baby"!!

Emily said...

Seriously!!!! I can't believe how big she is getting. I remember teaching her in primary and she was my favorite little one (sshhh...don't tell the others). Happy Birthday Sidney!!!

Kath said...

Loved the pictures of "little" Sydney! She is a sweetheart and beautiful inside and out!

Andrew and Trena said...

happy b day sydney~ love you guys