Monday, November 24, 2008

Jacob's ASB Two Day Hiatus

Jacob is the Sophomore class treasurer/secretary this year and they have a yearly trip called CADA(don't know what that exactly stands for). They hit Disneyland for a day then stay at the Disneyland Hotel for the night and then have classes that they go to for leadership training, etc. Jacob sent me a text/picture message this morning- Guess who he found at the new Disney Grand Hotel??? Sweet Niblets! Jacob said that he saw him , then said "Hey can I take a picture with you real quick?" He said "Sure" and it was done. Nice of him, I thought.


Kath said...

Wow! Jacob is almost famous now! Sophie will be so impressed with her boyfriend's new friend :)

Rebecca said...

ok - I might be an idiot...but who is this?

Nance said...

I have to agree with rebecca, don't know who this guy is... and holy cow!! That is your Jacob!! I think the last time i saw him, he was like 4!! I wanna say it was at Rich's 30th birthday party- ?? Looks like he is having fun though!!