Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh Valentines!

Hannah and Sydney wanted to make their Valentine Cards this year and I admit that they cost more than buying them and writing our name on them but I like to do this because then I actually do a craft with my children. This year I looked at the Family Fun magazine and someone had sent in an idea for "rock candy". Hannah saw it and declared that this was the "one" we were going to do. I tried it for my Primary class at church and it was not too hard.

Take a look- everyone in Hannah and Sydney's class got an "ipod"!

Years previous, we have done a peek-a-boo heart with a picture of Hannah's face inside.

Also a Heart with a see through vinyl heart on top stitched around the edge and filled with a little candy(kind of like a pocket but you could see it all).
Also one year a heart folded down the middle with a tail taped on and whiskers so it looked like a mouse. We tucked a balloon inside instead of candy.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


AES said...

Those were Heather's and Michael's favorite valentines :)

The Trouts said...

How CUTE! The Meza kids have style

Brandy and Pauls Family said...

Those are so freaking cute Kristen. I want one :(

Kath said...

I was so impressed when Sophie brought that home from church! I might have to steal your idea next year?????

Nance said...

So cute Kristen- What a lot of work!!